Police investigating mysterious deaths of 3 Kansas City Chiefs fans found outside Missouri home where they watched the game

Police are investigating the mysterious deaths of three Kansas City Chiefs fans who went home to watch a playoff game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

A family member said three people went to the home in the 5200 block of NW 83rd Terrace in Kansas City on Jan. 7 to watch a game. Two days later, the fiancee of one of the men went home looking for him. He called the police, who confirmed there was a body on the back porch.

“Upon further investigation, officers located two deceased bodies in the back yard,” the Kansas City Police Department said in a statement.

The men were identified as Ricky Johnson, 38, Clayton McGeeney, 36, and David Harrington, 37. Johnson's niece, Stephanie Walling, said the three men had been friends since high school. Jan. She said she was unfamiliar with the residents of the home who were watching the men play until their bodies were found in the backyard on the 9th.

Police said there were “no obvious signs of foul play” at or near where the men were found. No arrests have been made in connection with the deaths.

On a GoFundMe set up to raise money for funeral expenses, Johnson was described as “a cherished son, brother, uncle and friend.”

Walling created the fundraiser in hopes it would help the three daughters she left behind.

Johnson's death leaves the entire family wanting answers, Walling said.

“It's devastating because I want to know what happened, how things went down,” Walling said. “Even if we never know the answer, it will always be something that lingers in the back of my head because it's something I don't wish on anyone, and if they think about going through that, it hurts. .”

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“I want to bring awareness to what's going on to hopefully bring answers because there are so many questions and not so many answers,” he said.

The Kansas City Police Department has not identified the resident of the home, who they say cooperated with detectives the day the bodies were found.

Police said an investigation is underway to ascertain the cause of the three deaths.

The medical examiner did not immediately respond to requests for an update.

“It's really hard because I know his girls mean the world to him and he had really big plans for them,” a tearful Walling told NBC News. “Now, he won't follow through on those plans.”

Walling described her uncle, who was 10 when she was born, as a “gentle giant” and a “very caring person”. He said he's the biggest Kansas City Chiefs fan he knows.

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