Paul Pelosi Attack Video Released


The San Francisco Superior Court released the video and audio recording Friday Last year’s attack Paul Pelosi, district attorney’s office to make materials public after California court’s ruling

One of the videos shows body-cam footage of officers who arrived at Pelosi’s home when she was assaulted on October 28, 2022. The footage shows the chaos of the alleged attack David DeBabe Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked.

In the video, Paul Pelosi and DeBabe appear to have their hands on a hammer and DeBabe is holding Pelosi’s hand as the officers open the door.

“Drop the hammer,” says the officer.

“Oh, no,” DeBape replies.

DeBabe then grabbed the hammer from Pelosi’s hand and walked toward him. Officers rushed into the home, subdued and handcuffed DePape.

CNN has obtained a CD containing the files released by the court. In addition to the body-cam footage, the files also include audio from police interviews with DePape, a 911 call made by Paul Pelosi while DePape was at home and home surveillance video, the court previously said.

The videos were shown at a preliminary court hearing. The court’s ruling follows a motion by a coalition of news organizations including CNN to mandate public release of the materials.

DePape’s attorneys argued against the public release of the audio and footage, saying writing it down would “irreparably damage” his right to a fair trial. DePape has pleaded not guilty to state and federal charges related to the attack, including assault and attempted murder.

Pelosi was there Hit hard in October According to court documents, a male assailant who was looking for the then-House Speaker attacked the couple’s home with a hammer — a move that ultimately prompted Nancy Pelosi’s decision to step down as House Democratic leader.

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Court documents revealed DeBabe awoke Paul Pelosi shortly after 2 a.m. with a large hammer and several white zip ties, asking, “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?” He then threatened to tie up Paul Pelosi, preventing him from escaping through the elevator, according to the documents. DeBabe then reportedly told him, “I can take you out.”

Paul Pelosi called 911 after letting the assailant go to the bathroom, his phone still charging, and he spoke confidentially to police.

Following the attack, Paul Pelosi was victimized surgery Nancy Pelosi’s spokeswoman said in a statement, “to repair a fractured skull and severe injuries to her right arm and hand.”

On Thursday, the Democratic congresswoman told reporters she was taking her husband’s recovery “one day at a time.”

“He’s made some progress, but it’s going to be at least another three months, I think, until he’s back to normal, but the prayers are very helpful,” Pelosi said.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, he said he had not seen the video of the incident and was not sure if he would.

“Watching an attack in my husband’s life was the hardest thing. But I don’t know.”

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