Zendaya's 'Challengers' is a smash at the box office, with mixed reviews from the audience

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Zendaya's 'Challengers'

Game, Set, Match at Box Office…

The audience seems conflicted

ZendayaGot a big win to celebrate … His new tennis movie “Challengers” is on pace to beat the competition at the box office — but audience reaction seems to be very mixed.

Deadline It reports that the film is headed for a $15.2 million opening … nearly doubling the next highest opener — that movie is called “Unsung Hero,” and the trade release says it's heading for an $8 million weekend.

However, the outlet tells the makers of “Challengers” to hold their horses … 'cause at $15 million, the film is a far cry from the $50+M budget it's carrying.

And, in case you're wondering … Deadline says PostTrak — a data company that talks to moviegoers as they leave the theater — confirmed that people are coming out to see Zendaya. They say that 55% of respondents came from her.

But it is not clear now whether those audiences enjoyed the film. According to Rotten tomatoes88% of critics enjoyed the film — more than 77% of audience members.

77% is still high… but — with a movie it's expected — one out of every 4 critics bombarding the film doesn't bode well for attracting future audiences.

Of course, many people know the film from the sexual tension in the trailer … including the scene where two men kiss Zendaya's neck. It's been on people's calendars for some time — and early viewers may have built up too much of this image in their heads.

Bottom line … this weekend's box office competition is over — but, some viewers are already labeling the film as a mistake!!!

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