Woman arrested after allegedly stealing $2,500 worth of Stanley Cups, police say: NPR

A woman has been arrested and charged with grand theft after police in Roseville, California, allegedly stole $2,500 worth of Stanley beverages.

Roseville Police Department

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Roseville Police Department

Police in Roseville, California have arrested and charged a woman with grand theft after allegedly stealing $2,500 worth of Stanley beverages.

Roseville Police Department

In another episode of people going to extremes for Stanley tumblers, a woman allegedly tried to steal a cart full of Stanley water bottles without paying. Police say.

Officers in Roseville, Calif., responded to a call about a shoplifting incident on the afternoon of January 17.

Roseville police say a 23-year-old woman refused to stop for retail employees and loaded stolen goods into her car. Posted by Department on Facebook On Sunday.

Officers saw the suspect's vehicle enter the highway and after a search, found 65 Stanley products valued at $2,500, according to the report. Authorities said items were suspected to have been stolen from several stores and they are working to confirm which ones.

Dept Posted photos Shows a trunk full of trophies from a traffic stop.

The suspect has been charged with grand larceny and DUI, a spokesperson for the department told NPR. Police have not released the suspect's name.

In recent years, the Stanley brand's 40 oz. “Quencher” modelRetailing at an average of $45, it is having a huge resurgence among women and younger customers.

Fueled in large part by TikTok, customers camp out overnight and travel great distances to get their hands on the limited-edition colored tumblers. Resellers took advantage of the hype by posting such exclusive tumblers on sites. Like eBay For hundreds of dollars.

“Although Stanley Quenchers is very angry, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habit” Patrol report.

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