[Video] We saw Samsung's 140-inch Micro LED TV at CES 2024

Last Updated: January 14, 2024 07:48 UTC+01:00

CES 2024, which took place a few days ago, was filled with giant televisions. And some of the biggest and most impressive TVs were showcased by Samsung. In addition to its new QLED and Neo QLED TV lineups of up to 98-inch sizes, Samsung also had some massive 140-inch TVs at its booth, and we had a chance to check them out.

Get hands-on with Samsung's giant 140-inch Micro LED TV at CES 2024

Samsung showcased its new Micro LED TV lineup, which comes in five ready-to-use sizes: 76-inch, 89-inch, 101-inch, 114-inch, and 140-inch. Of course, this is a modular TV that can be configured to order. This means you can use multiple micro LED panels to create a display/TV of any size and shape. Of course, driving it is an entirely different matter. Samsung hasn't disclosed its pricing, but if past history is anything to go by, even the smallest of these TVs can cost thousands of dollars. Watch a video of Samsung's latest Micro LED TV in the video below.

Micro LED is a self-emissive display technology similar to OLED and QD-OLED. As explained in this article, each pixel on this TV can produce its own backlight and colors. Therefore, a separate backlight is not required, which means you can perfect blacks without all the drawbacks of OLED TVs (such as burn-in and low lasting brightness). Also, these TVs are very bright, which means you can get better HDR results. They are available in 4K resolution and 120Hz and 240Hz variants. Samsung says these TVs now use a more advanced and reliable manufacturing process, which the company calls 'Laser Lift Off'.

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The audio on these TVs comes from speakers embedded behind the display panel, so the sound feels like it's coming from the display itself. The new line of ready-to-use TV models uses Samsung's Infinity Air design, which makes the TV appear to hover in the air above its stand. For some reason, Samsung didn't showcase the 50-inch and 63-inch Micro LED TVs it showcased at CES 2023 last year.

Samsung also showcased a transparent micro LED TV prototype

Samsung showcased its transparent micro LED TV panel at CES 2024. It is a micro LED panel manufactured using a different process. It is not yet ready for sale and may be released in the future. However, it targets B2B (business-to-business) segments such as retail stores and advertising. Check out Samsung's transparent Micro LED TV in our video below.

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