TI and son King almost fight over King’s ’embarrassing’ behavior at Falcons game

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TI & Tiny

Son Raja gets well with father

Over ‘Nebo Baby’ teases

T.I Kicking off the Atlanta Falcons’ 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop Celebration Sunday, Almost Kicked His Son KingDonkey when a family dispute gets physical on the stand.

Following the show, TI and King began playfully back-and-forth, but got into a physical altercation inside their set at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Full video of Ti Son, King, talking about how he grew up in the hood and how he stood in the business… Ti and his mom insist he grew up in a gated community and absorbed his peace until he was 12. pic.twitter.com/CBl9KVjLwd

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) November 27, 2023

King went live on IG, where he pleaded his case that he knew about the hardships of living with cockroaches growing up … his famous parents joked about his story and said he would run to his grandmother’s house to suck on the pacifier. BECAUSE HE WAS NOT ALLOWED IN THEIR MANSION!!!

King reaches his breaking point and starts yelling that he’s known for standing up in the business, to which TI steps in and says he’s not only a “disgrace” to the family, but to himself!!!

King can be heard pleading with TI to “get off him” and TI can be seen trying to control his son.

He succeeded. King to stop before the camera cuts off.

Later, King blew some steam on his IG stories, though many of his followers informed him that he was royally tripping and his parents were right.

King was born in 2004 — TI already published him Platinum-selling “Trap Music” album and made his Grand Hustle records.

The 19-year-old was also a regular on their VH1 reality show “The Family Hustle” … which could be due for another season with this drama!!!

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