The philanthropic work of Amaya Inc.’s David Baazov spreads across the globe

David Baazov is an international businessman primarily known for his work founding the global online gaming company Amaya Inc. However, with his nearly lifelong passion for business, Baazov extended his efforts past the norm. He now contributes to larger communities in need.

Part of Baazov’s philanthropic work is inspired by current events. Considering the many ongoing worldwide hardships, he gives to relevant causes that need more substantial financial support. In turn, Baazov’s work provides a heightened awareness of widespread difficulties that deserve the world’s attention.

More importantly, those facing adversity can directly benefit from Baazov’s support tangibly throughout daily life. One example of this was those who received help through his donation to the Tel Aviv University (TAU) Emergency Fellowship Fund for Ukrainian graduate students. Read more about his donation efforts to TAU below and an overview of Baazov’s life and business history.

Tel Aviv University’s Emergency Fellowship Fund for Ukrainian graduate students

In March 2022, the Emergency Fellowship Fund was announced as a response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Baazov wanted to contribute to the cause, as TAU is home to many international students looking to reach new milestones through higher education.

The fund was introduced as a solution for Ukrainian graduate and post-doctoral students wanting to continue their studies in a safe and protected environment. Through the fund, students receive an entire semester at TAU and an additional living stipend to make the most of up to six months in the program.

Baazov is passionate about helping young people pursue their dreams and feel empowered through education. Due to this, he contributed to the fund so that more students, especially those going through turmoil, could continue their journey and aspirations.

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Many of the Ukrainian students could not see their families during this tense time, and tragedy struck numbers unbearable to face. Yet, throughout these difficulties, TAU provided a space for Ukrainian students to meet their goals in a way that supported them during the crisis.

The situation in Ukraine is still in poor shape. Although more countries, like India, are stepping up to help in various capacities, the war-ridden condition pushes on. In these troublesome times, receiving access to higher education and taking a break from the horrors back home can comfort students struggling under the current circumstances.

Baazov contributed to the fund for multiple reasons, one of which includes the support systems built in that facilitate an easier transition and experience for students. For example, TAU connected Ukrainian graduate and post-doctoral students to mentors at the university upon their arrival. In addition, the fund accepted applications for students of all disciplines, allowing them to pursue any academic interest despite the situation back home.

History of Amaya Inc.

David Baazov is the founder of one of the largest online gaming companies in the industry. Amaya Inc. launched its IPO in 2010 and started to become publicly traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange. After going public and partnering with or buying other large gaming companies, Baazov wanted to share his successes with charities for which he cared strongly.

The basis of Amaya Inc. was software developed alongside experts in 2005. The software was then sold to and used by gaming centers and cruise ships around the world. The success of Amaya Inc. was made possible by Baazov’s innovative efforts and the crafting of solid teams. The Amaya Inc. board had notable members, one of whom was US presidential candidate General Wesley Clark.

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Amaya Inc. saw global success throughout its history. It serves as an example for other online gaming enterprises looking to grow. Starting from a small team of developers dedicated to seeing a final product, Amaya Inc. experienced immense growth and initiated market trends. The company has partnered with and bought some top names in gaming and continued its growth through B2B and B2C service offerings.

David Baazov’s early life

Baazov has a fascinating background, which led him to create large companies and contribute greatly to communities in need. At just one year old, Baazov moved to Montreal, Canada, in the 1980s.

Baazov created two small companies, the first in his teenage years, initiating a path to success. Baazov’s first company was based on selling dry-cleaning discount coupons, a soft start to his sharp selling skills. Later, he created a computer-reselling firm. He partnered with the Montreal Public Library, providing them with necessary resources for visitors.

The computer-reselling firm would eventually become worth $20 million. This was a direct signal that Baazov’s next venture would be something groundbreaking, and it was. This was the start of Amaya Inc. and, later, his passion for giving to the broader community.

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