Top NewsThe latest news on the fast-growing Smokehouse Creek Fire...

The latest news on the fast-growing Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas


4:16 PM ET, February 28, 2024

Texas County Sheriff's Office says the fire could burn for several days

From CNN's Dave Alsup

The active firefight could continue for several days as the fire continues to grow and more adverse weather is on the horizon.

“We don't have all the fires under control. We're still fighting the fire,” Troy Zwigerath, emergency management coordinator for Pampa and Gray County, Texas, told CNN.

Pampa and Gray County are located northeast of Amarillo.

“It's going to burn forever. We're going to burn for three more days,” Troy said.

Zwickerath says the Texas Forest Service is working to contain the massive fire.

“Thank God the wind stopped,” Troy said. He says that last night the firefighters came together and managed to save the city of Bombay. Other cities were not so lucky.

There were no injuries or deaths in Gray County, Zwigerath said. It will take a few days to get an accurate account of the burns, he said.

“We lost cattle, we lost grass, we lost a fence,” Zwigerath said. “We held a meeting this morning to bring together city and county officials. We try to organize.

Troy says local leaders are trying to set up an organization to get donations.

“We need monetary donations. Fodder and hay. type of fencing material,” Troy said.

The cattle industry is big in Gray County. Troy says it is not known how many cattle were consumed in the fire.

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