The Different Online Casino Options that You Should Know About

iGaming is the current hot button issue in the entertainment world. For the unaware, the term “iGaming” refers to any and all things to do with online gambling. That includes, casinos, slots, sportsbooks, and poker sites. In other words, if you’ve ever engaged in any of these, you’ve participated in iGaming.

Often, when people hear the phrase “online casino,” they have only one thing in mind. But, the truth is that there are so many different online casino options out there, and knowing about all of them is a great way to get started, for those who are interested.

Classic Online Casinos

Classic online casinos, or real money online casinos if you’d prefer, are gambling websites that host a number of different slots or table games. More often than not, an online casino will host both. Though the options are plenty, the most popular games usually end up being online slot games, and for good reason. They are simple and easy to play, requiring little in the way of strategy.

On the other hand, most of these sites will also feature table games like blackjack, roulette, and more. Blackjack is particularly popular when it comes to online casinos, because the game has one of the lowest house advantage percentages in gambling. However, most people are not too fond of virtual blackjack. They prefer a living, human dealer. Which brings us to…

Crypto Casinos

When discussing online casinos, it is very important to bring up the issue of payment methods. It is true that in the past few years, gambling websites have done their best to diversify the deposit and withdrawal options that they offer, and accommodate as many people as possible. Of course, this includes the crypto crowd, whose voice has become quite loud in the past four years.

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Many online casinos nowadays allow players to wager using the hottest cryptocurrencies around. This includes, Ethereum Casinos, Tether Casinos, and Bitcoin websites. However, for the most part, you won’t find many other crypto options at most online casinos. So, what happens if you are, for example, a Dogecoin investor who wants to wager with said crypto?

Well, that is where crypto casinos come in. As you might imagine, a crypto casino is different from an online casino in only one way; it primary operates using cryptocurrency. Not just the Big Three either. At crypto casinos, you can gamble with Litecoin, Ripple Dogecoin, and even some more obscure digital currencies.

Of course, as crypto becomes more and more mainstream, we may see regular online casinos adopt more and more crypto options. If so, then there may come a time when crypto casinos become obsolete. For now, however, they are here, and they are quite popular.

Live Casinos

It is difficult to separate live casinos from online casinos, as most of the time, the former is a subsection category of the latter. However, it is true that not all online casinos feature a live gambling option. But, for those that may be curious what live casinos are, let us start at the beginning.

As livestreaming technology becomes better and better, a lot of businesses are incorporating it into their model. Gambling websites are no exception. They’ve made it possible for gamblers to enjoy the benefits of land-based casinos, while still relaxing at home on their couch.

The way it works is simple; a blackjack dealer broadcasts themselves live and the gamblers join a voice or text chat. The dealer then starts giving out the cards, and the players can call their moves from the chat. While not quite as immersive as the face-to-face option, live blackjack is the next best thing that online casino attendants have.

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Mobile Casinos

In the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, most of us are constantly on the go. Whether they are on the train to work, in the café, or even at the office, most folks spend the bulk of their day outside. Luckily, most of us also have a miniature computer resting in our back pocket. Of course, we are referring to the smartphone.

As most people today are away from home, they don’t have the time to check their PC. However, most of us are constantly on the phone. Online casino operators are aware of this, which is why many of them are trying their best to get into the mobile casino market. And with AI smartphones jut around the corner, mobile casinos may just become much more popular than ever.

As the name suggests, mobile casinos are gambling websites that you can access through your smartphone. They mainly come as two different options; either a casino has made their website smartphone compatible, or they’ve created an application in the form of an APK, that you can download from their website, and play as much as you like.

Social Casinos

If anyone reading this is not a gambler, and is therefore feeling left out, don’t worry; we saved the last for you. Poker, blackjack, even slots to an extent can seem like a lot of fun. But, some folks don’t like the idea of risking cash on a game. They would play it, if only the stakes weren’t so high. Well, social casinos were pretty much created for you guys.

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A social casino is gambling website, minus the gambling. In essence, you can play any of the games you’ve been interested in, but without the strings of wagering cash attached. Social casinos are just for fun. Indeed, plenty of newcomers to gambling visit social casinos first, just to get a taste of what the online gambling industry is like, and maybe rack up some experience before they start wagering properly.

Sweepstake Casinos

Finally, we should also look at sweepstake casinos, which rather than gambling, offer the chance to win prizes by engaging in their product. Sometimes, these prizes are cash prizes of course. Sweepstake casinos operate under a unique business model, which helps them skirt gambling bans. This is why these websites are so popular in countries where online gambling is heavily restricted, or outright illegal.

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