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Starlight Runway Run brightens the night at Yarmouth airport

Debrief session and survey to determine if 2019 event will happen

YARMOUTH - A bobbing stream of colour brightened the night as runners and walkers made their way around a runway at the Yarmouth International Airport during the second Starlight Runway Run on Sept. 8.

Hosted by Rick Allwright and Candice Phibbs of Mile East Productions, the event appeared to be just as unique and fun as last year’s, though with much better weather.

Participants were given light-up shoe clips and light-up arm bands to wear on the runway and event volunteers dressed as flight attendants and pilots.

There were 180 participants, compared to 250 in 2017.

A week prior to the event Phibbs expressed concern via social media at the low number registered. The response to her post was rewarding and she says she and Rick would love to hold the event again.

“We have so much fun and the event is so unique,” she said.

Mile East Productions will be conducting a debrief with the Yarmouth International Airport and Yarmouth Ground Search and Rescue in the next two weeks as well as conducting a post event survey with participants.
“Based on the feedback from all parties we will make our decision,” she said, referring to a third year.

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