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Digby soccer fields are dry; coach wants more watering

DIGBY – A Digby soccer coach says the condition of soccer fields here is not fair to the young players who have to practice and play on them.

Harold Alexander, coach for the under six boys and girls and former president of the Digby Area Soccer Association (DASA), says the fields are brown and not fit to play on.

“The fields are hard,” he said. “Would you want your five-year old to fall on that?”

Alexander says Digby Area Recreation hasn’t watered the fields enough.

“Five years ago, a lot of volunteers spent a lot of time and effort to improve these fields,” he said. “I was out here a lot of nights when other people were home barbecuing. We watered these fields 15 to 20 times that first year.”

In 2011, DASA, DARC and the Tri County Regional School Board signed a maintenance agreement, whereby DARC is responsible for watering.

Alexander says in July this year he noticed the fields were starting to deteriorate.

“The fields were becoming dry and there was no sign of any weed control or aeration,” he said. “The dandelions were so high the players couldn’t dribble the ball through them.”

Alexander sent an email to Charlotte Sabean, president of DASA about the field conditions and the need for watering.

“I never heard a thing,” he said.

Danny Harvieux, facility manager at DARC, says he has been in constant communication with Sabean about the fields and their plan was to water this week.

“I emailed Charlotte about it and she was okay with that,” he said Wednesday, Aug. 12. “Our plan was to let this rain soak in today and soften up the field and then water tomorrow. If we had watered Tuesday, I believe the water would have just run off.”

He says the school board looks after aeration of the high school field and it was done in late spring.

Harvieux says the grass is not dead but dormant and it goes dormant naturally in dry summers.

“We’ve had three good summers and haven’t watered since July 2012,” he said. The fields are dry and they need some water and we’ll be out there tomorrow. If we don’t get a lot of rain today.”

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