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Walton workout to promote healthy, active lifestyle for all body types

Personal trainer Ashley Hood is leading people to the scenic Walton Lighthouse for a morning workout lesson on June 3.
Personal trainer Ashley Hood is leading people to the scenic Walton Lighthouse for a morning workout lesson on June 3.

WALTON, N.S. — With the scenic Walton Lighthouse as a backdrop, one Bramber resident is hoping to inspire people to shake, shimmy and laugh their way to better health.

Personal trainer Ashley Hood is leading a workshop through Fitness Junkies that's aimed at getting people active in the great outdoors.

Hood knows first hand how beneficial exercise can be, both physically and mentally.

“I actually used to be fairly inactive. I didn't do a lot,” she said, adding that since she met Kathy Johnston-Isenor, the owner of Fitness Junkies, about seven years ago, her life has changed for the better.

“Just getting out and having fun, and being active can do so much for you; health-wise as well as socially,” said Hood.

“I've lost 60 pounds, but that's not even the big part,” said Hood. “It's changed my entire life. I'm out running, I'm happier. Being active just takes care of a whole bunch of different issues that you think you have and you can't control.”

Last June, she started offering Fitness Junkies workout classes, which are held in Summerville and Burlington.

After looking around at the natural beauty of the area, the Fitness Junkies team decided to host a special workout morning at the Walton Lighthouse.

“It'll be a light workout, designed for anybody – whether you haven't worked out in 20 years or you're an avid exerciser,” said Hood of the 45-minute event.

“We're just going to focus on having fun and enjoying the outside and the beautiful view of the Walton Lighthouse.”

She said the event is “go at your own pace.”

Afterwards, the group is going to meet at the Walton Pub to have soup and a sandwich. The cost for the event, which includes lunch, is $20.

Johnston-Isenor, the owner of Fitness Junkies, is excited about the June 3 opportunity.

“Our West Hants area is magical to start with. We don't often get out to the very rural areas. This is going to draw attention to one of those areas in a way that's fit and fun,” said Johnston-Isenor.

Johnston-Isenor, who recently received a volunteer award, will be attending the event and helping out. She hopes there will be a large turnout.

“Any fitness level can attend and you'll meet people, you'll get high fived and be welcomed. It'll be so much fun,” said Johnston-Isenor.

“Afterwards we will be having lunch all together so it's a great opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better and come away with a sense of pride and a sense of community.”

The event will take place rain or shine, however, if heavy rain is in the forecast, Hood said they will relocate the event.

“Our point is just to show everybody that fitness can be for anyone. You don't have to be a size 2 or built with a whole bunch of muscle. You can come in and we'll meet you where you're at,” Hood said.

Rain or shine, these Fitness Junkies enjoy going outside and being active.



If you go

What: Walton workout

Where: Walton Lighthouse

When: June 3 at 10 a.m.

Cost: $20, includes lunch at the Walton Pub

Note: Pre-registration is preferred; contact or or visit their Facebook page at:

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