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Gidney wins silver overall at Worlds and gold in deadlift


Digby’s Paul Gidney won a gold and silver medal at the World Senior Powerlifting Championships in Orlando, Florida on Friday, Sept. 27.

Digby scallop fisherman Paul Gidney has brought home a gold and a silver medal from the World Senior Powerlifting Championships.

The Master II (over 50) lifter finished second in his 105-kilogram weight class at the World Seniors in Orlando, Florida on Friday, Sept. 27 and set a new Canadian record with his grand total of 732.5 kilograms.

Powerlifting is made up of the bench press, the squat and the deadlift. The competitors get three tries at each lift and their best lifts are added together for a total score.

Gidney’s deadlift of 295 kilograms was also a Canadian record for Master II and Master 1 (over 40) classes. It was also good enough for a gold medal in the deadlift.

Gidney says he is very pleased with his lifting and is very grateful for the support of the people of Digby. He would like to thank God for giving him his strength, and Andrew Maves and Lola Gidney for the help in the gym.

Gidney has qualified for Worlds four times in the last seven years and this was his third trip. He placed 16th in 2002 and fifth in 2006.


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