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Digby Curling Club serves up ugly sweaters on the rocks

DIGBY, N.S. – Adorned in the ugliest and silliest sweaters they could round up, a couple dozen members of the Digby Curling Club met up Dec. 29 for their second annual Ugly Sweater Bonspiel.

Its an annual evening filled with laughs, refreshments and semi-serious curling. The sweaters caused most of the laughter, while the curling teams were getting downright competitive. As the games were announced, whoops of laughter and shouts of Youre going down came from members of the opposing teams.

Colleen Murray is the clubs treasurer, and one of several event organizers. She said the event is designed as a fun night out and as a way to help raise the profile of the club. Currently sitting with 40 members, Murray said the club is always seeking new participants and people are welcome to jump in anytime during the season.

We welcome anyone who wants to come out and try it, Murray said. Its a lot of fun and there are always people here willing to help people learn to curl.

Murray pointed to the crowd.

Weve got some of the older crowd, some middle-aged folks and some new parents, who are always rushing off to pick up their kids, Murray said. We have a good mix of people of all ages.

Teams were competing Friday night for the fun trophy designed by club member, Margie Morgan, that club president Keith Weagle and his partner, named as the first lady of curling, Nicole Oliver, held a mock fight over, drawing some more chuckles from the crowd. Murray added that Morgan and club member Ed McCormick run a junior curling program on Thursday nights, starting at 6:30 p.m. Murray said the pair are going to be reaching out to schools in the area to see if there is interest in getting students involved in a curling program.

The club has some interested upcoming events on its roster: Digby Curling Club is hosting the 2018 Nova Scotia Police Curling Association Championship from Jan. 12 to 14, with competing teams of peace officers arriving in Digby from across the province to compete for their annual honours and trophy; theres a club-based Lobster Spiel in February; and their big Shamrock Spiel on the March 17 weekend that attracts teams from the Annapolis Valley and Clare.

Anyone interested in getting in on the fun can reach out to current club president, Keith Weagle at 902-247-0561 or by email to:

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