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Municipality approves new flag policy


Jonathan Riley


The Municipality of the District of Digby County has new flag policy.

Council ratified the two-page document at their regular council meeting on Monday, Jan. 22.

The policy spells out when the Canadian flag will be flown at half-mast.

In each case the policy states that the flag will stay at half mast from the time council is made aware of the death until and including the date of the funeral or memorial service.

Discussion surrounding the lowering of the flag began this fall when councillor Linda Gregory suggested the flags stay down until the war in Afghanistan is over.

Council did not support that idea. Digby town mayor Frank Mackintosh suggested a similar idea to town council. Similarly nothing came of that suggestion.

The Canadian flag will be lowered to half mast to mark the passing of:

1. Prominent Public Figures − The Sovereign and his/ her immediate family − The Governor General or former Governor Generals − The Prime Minister − The Lieutenant Governor − The Premier − The Warden or former Wardens − Councillors or former councillors − Members of Parliament or former MPs representing Digby County − Members of the Legislative Assembly or former MLAs representing Digby County

2. Protective services workers who lose their lives in the line of duty − Police − Fire − Emergency health − DNR officers − Fisheries officers

3. Canadian military personnel

4. Other circumstances − Lives lost in tragic national or international events. − Council may direct that other individuals and events be recognized.


Organizers of Digby’s flag day want to involve more people from the public this year.

The celebrations are geared towards educating students and the main ceremony takes place in the school theatre but Rob Hersey says the events are open to everyone who wants to help celebrate the Maple Leaf’s birthday. “We have one of the largest flag events in the Maritimes,” says Hersey. “We’d like to see the whole community involved.”

The celebrations take place Thursday, Feb. 15 beginning at 11:30 a.m. when eight DRHS students will march along Water Street with a large Canadian flag.

The official flag raising ceremony takes place at 1:15 p.m. at DRHS. A video and a few honoured guests will speak about the flag’s history and importance.

The keynote speaker will be her Honour Mayann E. Francis, Nova Scotia’s Lieutenant Governor.

After the flag raising, all present will be invited to join in a reaffirmation of their oath to Canada.

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