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Weymouth Firebirds win Bantam baseball championship


By Karla Kelly


The Weymouth Firebirds pitched, hit and ran their way through the final baseball tournament of the season to win the Bantam Valley Baseball League Tournament.

Weymouth edged out Gaspereau 21-18 in the championship match in Aylesford Sept. 7.

The Firebirds played to a perfect 5-0 record to win the championship while the Digby Navigators finished with a 2-1 record in their pool, missing the medal rounds in a tie breaker with North Kings.

The nine-team tournament was played round robin with the top two teams from the two pools advancing to the crossover semi-finals.

The Firebirds defeated Berwick 16-1 with winning pitcher Alex Prime striking out five batters and being named Player of the Game.

Mackenzie Mullen had a home run and a triple with four runs batted in and two runs scored while Makayla Addington and Dylan Cormier each scored three runs against Berwick.

In their second game Delaney Melanson was the winning pitcher in the Firebirds 15-5 win over Gaspereau and Mackenzie Mullen won Player of the Game.

Mullen struck out six batters and had a triple with one RBI while Alex Prime had one hit, scored two runs and had two RBIs.

Player of the Game Jill Gaudett had the strong arm in the Firebirds 15-3 victory over Aylesford in their third matchup striking out five batters.

Addington had a triple and a single, scored two runs with three RBIs, Mullen had a homerun and scored two runs and Isaac Sabine had a double and a single, scored one run with three RBIs against Aylesford.

In the semi-final crossover match Weymouth outscored North Kings 13-9 with Player of the Game Isaac Sabine striking out six batters, hitting a single and three RBIs.

Sebastien Theriault got the save, Dylan Cormier had three singles, three runs scored and three RBIs and Mackenzie Mullen scored three runs against North Kings.

Addington was the winning pitcher in the championship final against Gaspereau with four strikeouts. She also had two singles and three RBIs.

Theriault got the save, Cormier had a triple and a double, scored three runs and one RBI and Sabine had a triple and a single, scored two runs with one RBI.

Kylia Hill, who won Player of the Game had two singles and scored two runs with three RBIs while Peter Doucette had a double and a single, scored two runs and one RBI in this final match.

Firebirds coach Jason Addington said his team was a great to coach and it showed in the tournament.

“Each player improved so much over the summer and are excited to play again next season,” Addington said.

Digby Navigators won their opening game 16-10 against Kingston then lost 16-6 against North Kings in their second match of the day.

Digby won their third game 17-7 over Berwick in four innings on Sunday morning but did not advance to the semi-finals as they lost in the tie break to North Kings who also finished round robin play with a 2-1 record.

Digby’s Player of the Game for each match was Shelby Riley, Madison Weatherby, and Matt Thurber.

Navigator’s coach Dave MacNutt said he, Sean Brown and Keith Patterson were very impressed with how well the team hit the ball throughout the tournament.

“The players played as a team and motivated each other during the games,” MacNutt said. “We finished third in our pool of five teams and were edged out of the semis by North Kings.”

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