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Softball Hawks continue winning ways

By Karla Kelly FOR THE DIGBY COURIER The Hawks downed the Warriors 15-13 and 10-3 in a doubleheader Monday in Weymouth Area Recreational Softball League action.

Leading the Hawks was Derrick Stone with three home runs while Cody Thibault connected for two.

Warrior captain Alex Mullen said his team was 1-9 going into the Monday night game. “This is the first year for us to have a team so we are just getting started,” said Mullen who has played ball for four years. “One of our most experienced players is Kelton Mullen with 25 years playing ball.”

The Warriors are one of six teams in the league that was organized in June, 1979, with three teams, recalls league president Danny Hill. “Marilyn Lewis (Comeau) was one of the main organizers along with me, Randy Sabine and John Langdale,” he said. “Hilltown, Riverdale and Weymouth Mills were the first three to join and shortly after Doucetteville was added the league.”

Hill said the teams played at the Weymouth Cricket Field, Plympton, and WCS Gully, the Weymouth Falls Community Center, Havelock School and Hilltown ball fields. “With so many local ballfields, we could get in a lot of games during the season that still runs from May until August.”

Regular season play began May 4 and playoffs start Aug. 17. “The top four teams will play for the championship cup and the bottom two will play for the consolation cup,” Hill said. “The Hawks have won the championship eight times and the Wildcats have taken first place the most (times) in the league.”

The league had its best season in 1983 with eight teams participating. Along with the Hawks and Warriors, the league also has two teams from Clare, the Full Throttle and Bud Lights, and two from the Weymouth area, the Wildcats and Maverix.

The newly-formed Warriors squad has players from Havelock and Digby,

Bud Lights and Wildcats play from Little Brook Club A while Club B is home to the Maverix and Full Throttle teams.

The Hawks’ next game will be June 15 at 6:30 p.m., when they host the Wildcats at Hilltown ballfield. Bud Lights will host the Warriors in Little Brook at the same time.

The league is open to those 16 and older although those under 16 can play with their parent’s permission.

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