PFT’s Week 16 2023 NFL Draft, Florio vs. Simms

With three weeks to go, we’re deadlocked.

Sims and I were an even 9-7 in Week 15. We are 138-86 on the year.

This week, we disagree on six games. One of us could, in theory, open an insurmountable lead.

Scroll through and read through Week 16.

Saints at Rams (-4)

The Rams are the only team the top teams in the NFC don’t want to see in the playoffs.

Florio: Rams, 28-20.

Sims: Rams, 28-20.

Bengals (-2) at Steelers.

It’s now or never for the Steelers; I pick them thinking Kenny Pickett will find a way to play.

Florio: Steelers, 16-13.

Sims: Bengals, 21-17.

Bills on Chargers (-11.5)

The Chargers system needs a shock. And that won’t come until the playoffs.

Florio: Bills, 42-10.

Sims: Bills, 34-13.

Colts at Falcons (-1)

The Colts are more and more confident. The Falcons are at or near their last chance.

Florio: Colts, 24-17.

Sims: Falcons, 24-21.

Packers (-5) at Panthers.

Green Bay needs to seriously change things.

Florio: Packers, 27-13.

Sims: Packers, 23-13.

Browns (-2.5) at Texans.

It could go either way. Cleveland’s defense makes the difference.

Florio: Browns 19-14.

Sims: Browns, 20-10.

Lions (-3) at Vikings.

Can Minnesota keep its slim hopes of a second straight division title alive?

Florio: Vikings, 24-23.

Sims: Lions, 28-24.

Commanders in Jets (-3)

Good luck getting anyone to show up for this show on Christmas Eve.

Florio: Generals, 24-20.

Sims: Jets, 17-13.

Seahawks (-2.5) at Titans.

Can the Seahawks parlay Monday night’s sensational win into a mini-streak?

Florio: Seahawks, 27-17.

Sims: Titans, 24-17.

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Jaguars (-1) at Buccaneers

I trust Bucks. The Sims doesn’t exist yet.

Florio: Buccaneers, 23-20.

Sims: Jaguars, 27-20.

Cardinals at Bears (-4)

Mei Eberflus tries to earn another year at work.

Florio: Bears, 30-23.

Sims: Bears, 27-17.

Cowboys at Dolphins (-1.5)

Can Miami beat a good team? Can Dallas win on the road? Some things have to be given away.

Florio: Dolphins, 27-24.

Sims: Dolphins, 31-24.

Patriots vs. Broncos (-6.5)

Christmas Eve captive viewers may feel like hostages this time around.

Florio: Broncos, 23-17.

Sims: Broncos, 17-13.

Raiders at Chiefs (-10)

The Chiefs hold the spotlight for a shot at the No. 1 seed.

Florio: Chiefs, 31-20.

Sims: Chiefs, 28-17.

Giants at Eagles (-12)

If the eagles blow this they won’t throw snowballs at Santa.

Florio: Eagles, 34-20.

Sims: Eagles, 28-10.

Ravens (-5) at 49

Do the Ravens feel disrespected by the five-point spread? They should be proud of it.

Florio: 49ers, 31-20.

Sims: 49ers, 31-21.

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