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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We U.S. residents value your friendship

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I wish to second Robert DeNiro's comments made in Toronto on Monday, June 11, regarding President Donald Trump's boorish behavior toward Canada and its Prime Minister during the collapse of the G7 Conference. I also want to make a sincere apology to all Canadians on the disgusting behavior of our (I hate to admit it) President of the United States.

I also apologize for the sycophantic behavior of the paid retainers that parrot and amplify Trump's ridiculous remarks. There are many ways to ruin one's reputation and I think working for an unprincipled and morally corrupt President is high on the list of ways to achieve that dubious honor.

My hope is that Canada remains strong and resolute in this tariff dispute, our friend even though this President has strained the meanings of friendship. Many of us in the United States will continue to resist him and we value your friendship in that struggle.

Nicole d'Entremont,

Middle East Pubnico

United States citizen, Canadian summer resident

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