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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Negativity on doctor issue damages the hard work and relationships we have been building

Clare-Digby MLA Gordon Wilson.
Clare-Digby MLA Gordon Wilson. - Laura Redman

DIGBY, N.S. – I am writing in response to a recent letter to the editor in the Chronicle Herald “Docs leave Digby in lurch. What of duty to care?” (The letter was also submitted to and published in the Tri-County Vanguard.)

I was disappointed to see such negativity directed at the two doctors who have recently announced they are leaving Digby. They have served the people of our community well and I thank them for the care they have provided our residents and families.

While no one wants to see them leave, we have to respect their decision. They are professionals, have families of their own and must do what they feel is best for themselves.

I want to reassure these doctors, and any family medicine residents who might be considering Digby as a place to live and work, that the comments made in the letter are in no way a reflection of our community. We appreciate the time they have spent here and the quality care provided. They will continue to deliver care to Nova Scotians, just in another part of our province.

I also want to reassure people living in the Digby area that recruitment efforts continue. It is a priority for the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) as well as our government. I am proud to be part of a stakeholder group made up of members of the NSHA, municipal leaders, village commissioners, community leaders and health care providers, working together to address some of these issues. With the help of the entire community, we have provided a warm, welcoming place for health professionals to work. We have seen success. We recently hired another nurse practitioner for Digby and a new family doctor will start practicing in Weymouth in October. We will continue working together to ensure we see even more success.


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On Friday, Sept. 21, physician recruiters with NSHA were in Digby, where nearly 100 Dalhousie Family Medicine residents were gathered for a resident retreat and job fair. NSHA hosted a reception for the residents to meet its recruiters and physician leaders and took part in the annual job fair to showcase all the opportunities to practice in Nova Scotia, including Digby. How unfortunate that many would open the Chronicle Herald the next day to see the negativity toward two doctors who have decided to leave.

Recruitment takes time and a lot of effort. It also takes all of us working together. I understand the frustration and I appreciate the concern. Unfortunately, the negativity being displayed will only damage all the hard work and relationships we have been trying to build.

thank the people of Digby and surrounding areas who have been working so hard to show what our community has to offer. I encourage you to continue, in hopes that together we can change the conversation, showcasing Digby and surrounding area as a great place to live and work.

Gordon Wilson

MLA Clare-Digby

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