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MediBus a breath of fresh air


The MediBus seems like an incredibly smart idea and service.

I was in the outpatients at the hospital recently. A group of depressed and frustrated residents sat there for literally hours awaiting a doctor to show up and then awaiting their time in the line.

People talked about their health problems and most of them could easily have been attended to by a nurse practitioner's walk in clinic.

I realized time is a great cure for most health problems and so I left the hospital and stepping into the fresh air, well removed from the lethargic out-patients department, I already felt better.

It would have been nice to have been able to stroll into the MediBus and receive efficient patient-centered care.

But the MediBus has been blocked in the road by none other than the Health department. Surely those roadblocks can be removed and people in this area can have service or at the very least we deserve a good clear explanation as to why we cannot have service.

With that niggling question in mind I drove along to the MLA's office.

The sign on the door indicated he was not be found in Digby that day.

And so off I went for a little home care and with no place to submit my travel claims for a wasted trip to town for just a little health care.

Tony Kelly, Little River

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