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Mailbox safety concerns

In August 2013, Canada Post did away with most roadside mailboxes on its respective rural routes, citing safety factors. They were replaced with new community mailboxes at strategic locations.

Now winter creates other safety issues at some of the community mailbox sites. For instance, at the community mailbox site in Weymouth Falls, when it comes to snow removal only one snowplow swath is made from the road into where the community mailboxes stand.

Once Canada Post customers pull in and pick up their mail, they are often forced to back out into the roadway being put at the risk of getting hit by an oncoming vehicle.

The snow removal contractor is only working in the terms of his contract, but there are two driveways leading in to this particular mailbox site. A snowplow swath may be very easily be made right around from driveway to driveway thus alleviating a safety problem.

Is Canada Post only concerned about the safety of its mail couriers and not its customers?

Joseph G. Jarvis, Weymouth

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