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LETTER: Highway 101 extension a luxury

Having a high speed highway loop between Digby and Weymouth will negatively impact the bit that is left of our local economy.

We should seek for ways to use that $100-plus millions to be spent on economic development instead of using of moving around piles of rock and dirt that will benefit companies from away anyway.

Read about the funding announcement.

In the short term, it looks good. In the long term, the benefits for our region are non-significant and, in addition, we will encourage people to drive through our area without stopping.

Some will bring safety as an argument, but the reality is that in the past decade or more, there have been more serious accidents and way more fatalities on the Meteghan and Bridgetown corridors of Hwy. 101 than on the Digby-Weymouth one.

Most, if not all, of the capital investment for this project will come from federal and provincial transfers. One has to reflect on the concept that we might be begging for money that will negatively impact us in the long run. Hopefully, I am wrong but time will tell.

For the Municipality of Digby, the push for an extension to Hwy. 101 between Digby and Weymouth is more politically driven than economically sound. This is a luxury we cannot afford.

Christian Thibaudeau, Digby

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