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LETTER: Digby RCMP officer goes above and beyond helping Waterford resident

Dear Editor

Upon my return home from Digby on Sunday, Feb. 8, the plow had blocked my driveway with what I thought was snow, but after getting stuck in it, I discovered it was large, heavy blocks of ice.

An RCMP officer stopped and said, “It looks like you can use some help.”

He put his flashers on and we proceeded to push, pull, shovel and with the help of two passersby, got out after 15 minutes.

He asked if I wanted to try again, and this time I went up to the Trout Cove corner so I could come straight in.

By the time I got back, he had the entire bottom of the driveway cleared and it was an easy drive.

He then came up the hill to return the shovels.

Wow! Only in Nova Scotia. Above and beyond.

Good job officer J. Daley and thank you.

Kingsley L. Bilcher,



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