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LETTER: Digby dialysis centre needed

Recently, the Kidney Clinic from Yarmouth Hospital presented an excellent kidney health education day at Digby General Hospital for patients from our area who are now living with kidney problems. Eighteen to 20 persons attended. Eighty per cent of these patients now travel to Yarmouth for treatment.

It is sad when we hear of a daughter trying to keep her job and care for her mom who now travels to Yarmouth twice a week for dialysis, more so when we learn the mom is a former nurse at DGH who must travel to undergo 3-4 hours on dialysis because there is no dialysis center at the DGH.

It is grievous that a patient traveling to Yarmouth for treatment was killed in a car accident.

We need a dialysis center at DGH. Our local Digby and Area Community Health Board made a permanent dialysis center a priority of their community health plan and a letter was forwarded to the Minister of Health and Wellness, Leo Glavine, requesting the necessary action be taken.

 It is my opinion that the general public should be made aware that the need is ever present and there are advantages to offering dialysis in Digby:

 - Patients would no longer spend time traveling and could continue to contribute to our community, thus the quality of life is restored.

- Underutilized space in Digby General Hospital could be used for this service, and we have one nurse, perhaps two, trained to provide this service.

- Hospital profits would raise the levels of specialized care given in our hospital and contribute to keeping our hospital open and would encourage doctors to locate here.

- The establishment of an in-hospital dialysis treatment whereby a patient would receive safe, confident and reassuring service provided by professionals would be in place for future generations.

As our greatest wealth is our health what better investment could we make?


Maxine Connell, Smith’s Cove

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