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High property taxes forcing home sales

This email is being written due to a problem with property taxes here in Nova Scotia. Last year, my neighbor bought a house for $20,000, got his tax bill and it is worth $70,000 to them. You pay $20,000 for a house, how is it suddenly worth $70,000 on land tax?

I have a house with two windows and a door that I'm building, also with a septic tank that I've paid $24,800 (also six flats of beer) and, for some ungodly reason they thought it was worth $44,000.

I appealed it, they dropped it to $32,000. They told me the reason why is because they charge on the taxes that you hired someone to build it. And they know that I didn’t, I’ve told them so, my friends and I did it.

I'm scared to death to finish it because I don't want to be burned with a tax bill every year over $1,000. If I drop dead, my wife can't afford to keep the house going and pay the taxes.

It's going to cost $8,000 or more to get power to it. That's not counting the wiring inside the house, that you have to pay someone to do.

I also have a friend whose house has been condemned and the town was ready to tear it down. They are charging him as though his house is worth $20,000 and fit to live in which it is not! 

In my opinion, if you're building a new house or fixing up a house which was ready to be torn down, they have no right to charge the taxes they do. There shouldn't be taxes until you are ready to move in and it's livable.

It's getting foolish. Many of those in our community of Digby County are putting their houses up for sale and moving due to taxes being so high. 


Bruce Titus, Centreville

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