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LAURENT D'ENTREMONT: Children brightening days at Le Village Acadian in West Pubnico

Children are adding to the Acadian Village experience.
Children are adding to the Acadian Village experience.

WEST PUBNICO, N.S. –The Acadian Village known as “Le Village Historique Acadien De La Nouvelle-Ecosse” is now a part of the Nova Scotia Museum as the name implies.

But there is a difference this year. There are children dressed in period costumes roaming the grounds and brightening up the day for visitors to enjoy.

Le Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse in West Pubnico.

This early 1900s Acadian village is situated on a summer green 17-acre site overlooking our beautiful harbour. It is located no more than a mile from my home. I visit often with my antique Ford and feel that I blend in very well. Talking with the tourists is fun and you meet lots of interesting people. 

The following is what the tourist will experience.

As the visitor enters the reception center, he or she is greeted by friendly guides who speak fluent French and perfect English. The inviting gift shop is nearby. The shop sells, among other things, books by us local authors and other souvenirs pertaining to the Acadian culture. A small café next to the gift shop delights in Acadian cuisine and light lunches during the week. An accordion-type panel on the reception center’s outside wall gives a panoramic view of what the village is all about.

Le Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse in West Pubnico.

Visitors, who enter the village grounds, will be welcomed into Acadian homes and experience bygone traditional ways of farming and fishing. They will also taste Acadian cuisine, like rappie pie for example, while enjoying joyful spirit that existed along our shores for over 350 years.

It is also a great place to practise rusty French for those visitors who may have forgotten what they learned during their school days.

Inside the blacksmith shop at the historical Acadian village in West Pubnico.

The blacksmith shop, fish sheds, boat shop and wharf are also very inviting and this is where you will see the children at work and play. They help the women with entering firewood, hauling water for watering the gardens, gathering the eggs, and helping in the fish sheds, feeding the cows and pigs, and wherever they are wanted just like in the old days. They also love to sit in my old Model A Ford for picture taking.

A nice young lady, name Dominique, is in charge to see to their safety and to keep them occupied so nobody gets bored.

Lots of smiles at the village.

Every Friday afternoon, Dominique who is very well organized, puts out a play where the children try their hand at being actors, and they are very good. The play, or short skit, that I saw recently was, of course, in French, but known in English as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. On this day they did not have enough children so they settled for six, instead of seven dwarfs. All the visitors enjoy these activities and I would like to invite all readers to visit us at “Le Village Historique Acadian” in Lower West Pubnico, Yarmouth County, N.S.


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