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Digby County searching for Red Cross volunteers

Tina Hiltz has volunteered with the Canadian Red Cross for 19 years, she's encouraging others to volunteer.
Tina Hiltz has volunteered with the Canadian Red Cross for 19 years, she's encouraging others to volunteer. - Amanda Doucette

DIGBY, NS- Tina Hiltz has volunteered with the Red Cross for 19 years and she has no plans to stop anytime soon.

“It just makes your heart so full to see you're making such a difference in other lives,” she said.

The Cornwallis woman got hooked after taking a Red Cross course in elementary school and watching her mother volunteer.

Hiltz is an educational assistant with a previous military background, who is encouraging others to volunteer as well.

“We need all types of people. Even if you can’t volunteer, we need resources.”

The Red Cross is always looking for places to host information sessions about the organization, individuals or groups can fundraise on behalf of them and anyone who can help spread the message around that volunteers are needed, would be helpful, she says.

“There’s something here for everyone.”

Volunteers are needed all over Digby County but especially in Clare, Digby Neck, Brier Island and Long Island.

Red Cross volunteers help when disaster strikes, when families lose their homes in fires and in larger events they could help out the entire province if needed.

“The nice thing about this is your training is certified nation-wide, so if you leave or move, you’re still certified.”

Hiltz has volunteered in three different provinces.

Nova Scotia only has 220 volunteers throughout the province.

What to expect if you volunteer?

A safe environment with like-minded people who just want to help, Hiltz said.

“It’s great to know the person beside you has the same training incase anything does happen.”

Red Cross offers free training to anyone who is interested in volunteering.

The organization supplies donations and ‘Go bags’ full of necessities for volunteers to bring to disaster sites for those in need.

Supplies are usually donated by sponsorship partners or the public.


  • Must be age 18 and over
  • Satisfactory criminal record
  • Must follow the Red Cross seven principles: READ ABOUT HERE
  • Driver’s license is an asset but not required. Volunteers in the same area can partner up for driving.

To Apply now, or find out more information check out the Canadian Red Cross website:

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