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UPDATED: DFO says lobster seized in Digby one day after raid in Belliveau’s Cove not a related incident

Raid was part of ongoing DFO investigation into sale of non-commercially obtained fish

DIGBY, NS – Several crates of lobsters were seized and dumped back into the water at the Digby Wharf in an incident unrelated to a government raid in Belliveau’s Cove the day before.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans confirmed this incident, which happened during the afternoon of October 18, involved illegally possessed lobsters.

The lobsters not kept for evidence were dumped back into the ocean around 3:45 p.m., and the incident is part of an ongoing investigation.

DFO also confirmed this is in no way related to the seizure of lobsters at a targeted raid in Belliveau’s Cove, where a large but unspecified number of lobsters were seized.

Stephen Bornais is a Communications Manager with DFO. Regarding the DFO targeted raid and resulting seizure of lobsters October 17, he confirmed an investigation is underway into the sale of fish not harvested with a commercial license.

This raid, where DFO Conservation and Protection officers targeted an unspecified facility and individuals, was confirmed as being part of this investigation.

“DFO will continue to work with all participants engaged in the Nova Scotia lobster fishery to ensure an orderly, safe, and sustainable environment for all harvesters,” said Bornais.

The department is not issuing further comment on this incident.

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