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Trail bridge construction above highway 101 in Digby delayed again

The ATV bridge is going to connect an ATV rail bed trail. This will stop ATV'ers from crossing the road illegally. Construction is expected to be finished later this month.
There have been delays in the bridge construction again. The project is still supposed to be finished later this construction season. -Amanda Doucette

Construction has been delayed again on the trail bridge being built over highway 101 in Digby.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal(TIR) has confirmed there was an issue identified with the decking of the bridge, that would of lead to future maintenance issues.

Staff are working with the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

 “We do apologize for the delay in opening the structure. Once the go forward plan is finalized, we will have a better idea of new timelines,” said Brian Taylor, media relations advisor for TIR, in an email.

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The original cost for the project was set at $1.9 million and there is no additional cost to the province to resolve this new issue.

The project is still expected to be completed this construction season.

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