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Lawrencetown's Valley Waste transfer station re-opening after lightning strike

Annapolis County says it has expropriated Valley Waste's transfer station in Lawrencetown after Valley Waste refused use of the station. While Valley Waste is collecting green bins in Annapolis County, the municipality is handing out biodegradable plastic bags for compost as a temporary measure until the county's own green bins arrive.
Valley Waste's transfer station in Lawrencetown suffered a lightning strike early Aug. 20. It knocked out electronics forcing the facility to close temporarily. Lawrence Powell

A major thunder and lightning storm over Lawrencetown in the wee hours of Aug. 20 zapped Valley Waste’s transfer station in the village, forcing it to close temporarily during business hours.

Lawrencetown firefighters received the call of an alarm sounding at 2:29 a.m.

“The alarm was triggered by the lightning strike and automatically contacted the fire department,” said Valley Waste’s Andrew Garrett.

He said there was no fire but the strike knocked out the electrical equipment including the scale, computer, and internet. But he said the damage was confined to the electrical.

Garrett said cost of the damage is not yet know but said it’s covered by insurance.

“It is almost all fixed now,” Garrett said just after 1 p.m. “The scale should be operating by mid-afternoon. We are gradually reopening now.”

He said the transfer station was accepting small loads using volume-based estimates.

“We are also accepting curbside collected waste,” he said. “We expect to be open to all customers by mid-afternoon.”

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