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Accidents, outages, break-ins, and sump pump woes keep Annapolis District RCMP busy

Annapolis RCMP Crime Report looks at the weekly calls for service police answer.
Annapolis RCMP Crime Report looks at the weekly calls for service police answer. - Lawrence Powell

Annapolis District RCMP handled a number of calls for service from Jan. 21 to 28, with officers dealing with break-ins, car accidents, power outages, dog doo-doo, and the strange backpack filled with needles, pills, and other drug paraphernalia.

And there was the call from a woman with sump pump problems who thought the police might help. It’s all in a day’s work.

Here are some highlights:

Jan. 22, 2019

PARADISE – A caller reported a possible break-in at the old service station in Paradise. A grey SUV was parked outside and the caller said he could hear things being thrown around in the garage. RCMP made a patrol and found foot prints leading to the front door. The lock to the door was not broken and no entry into the building was gained.

Jan. 23, 2019

CLEMENTSVALE – Police received a call that two horses were on the roadway. The callers were worried with the bad road conditions and that the horses may fall and can’t “giddyup.” The officer explained the roads were very bad so it might take time for a patrol. The RCMP would like to remind all drivers -- and horses -- to pay due care and attention when driving or galloping during bad winter road conditions.

Jan. 24, 2019

NICTAUX – Police received a call about a vehicle hitting a power pole and then landing in the ditch. Power lines were down on the vehicle so the officers instructed the driver to stay inside until NS Power arrived. As the officers were dealing with this accident, another call came in of another vehicle losing control on icy roads, hitting a power pole, and landing in the ditch. Both accidents caused the loss of power for Middleton residents for most of the day. Luckily, both drivers were uninjured.

MIDDLETON – Due to lack of rubber boots, the RCMP officer could not respond to this call! The caller asked for police assistance because her sump pump was not working and her husband was exhausted carrying buckets of water from the basement. The RCMP officers explained this was not a police matter and were not clothed properly for this occasion to offer any assistance!

MIDDLETON – The “interesting” calls continued. The complainant reported that her neighbor left her dog doo doo on her doorstep. Although this was “crappy,” the officers advised that it would be hard to prove it is the neighbor’s dog’s actual doo doo. Both parties were spoken to and warned to stay away from each other.

BRICKTON – A caller found a backpack with more than 200 needles, spoons, some pills, bio-hazard bag, and swabs by the overpass on Mount Hanley Road. Whoever owns this self-medicating starter kit, can report to the Annapolis District RCMP to pick up it -- after a few questions of course!

WILMOT – Police received a call that a car stopped in the middle of the road and started backing up and bumped into her vehicle. She describes the vehicle as a light coloured mini van. No plate number was obtained and patrols to locate the vehicle were unsuccessful. RCMP are reminding the public that on highways you need to drive forward and not backwards!

MIDDLETON – Apparently hugging someone is no longer considered a nice greeting! A caller reported he just got punched in the face after he tried to hug the “Mike Tyson” wannabe’s niece. The caller did not want any charges laid just requested “Mike Tyson” stay away from him and was served a protection of property act to remain away from the building.

Jan. 25, 2109

MIDDLETON – A caller reported a tree fell down and was blocking one lane of traffic. The caller had driven into it but there was no damage, thankfully, to his vehicle. The RCMP officer made a patrol and determined it was a dogwood tree. The caller was impressed with his knowledge and asked he knew. The officer replied, “ I can tell by its BARK.” J

Jan. 26, 2019

MIDDLETON – Three power poles were downed and lines all across the road. The officer was in the “dark” on what to do so contacted NS Power who quickly came and dealt with the “shocking” matter.

ROUND HILL – A complaint was received of damage in excess of $3,000 to the ball field. Somebody drove around the ball field and tore up the grass -- very mature! RCMP are requesting the public with any information on the driver, to please contact the Annapolis District RCMP.

MARGARETSVILLE – A break-in to a residence was reported. The caller stated she was away for a few days and someone broke in to her home. A candle was moved from the bedroom and the suspect took groceries, a survival suit, flashlight, torch and oil. With all the power outages we have had lately, this suspect will surely be prepared! Police are requesting anyone with information on this break-in to please contact them.

MIDDLETON – Police received a call that the back door to a hotel was open. The RCMP officer made a patrol and found the utility door open. The property rep attended and advised the door latch was not working properly. Nothing was taken but RCMP are thankful and request members of the public to continue to call and report any suspicious incidents they may see.

MEADOWAVLE – A caller reported that sometime over night a dead car battery had shown up beside her vehicle and it was not her battery. The officer questioned how much the dead battery would be worth. She quickly replied “Nothing…it’s free of charge!”

UPPER GRANVILLE – Police received reports of a male parked for the past five hours with a rifle in plain site of the vehicle. RCMP quickly and cautiously made a patrol to find out the male was hunting coyote and had a license to do so.

MEADOWAVLE – Police received a report of someone trying to open the door to the caller’s home and shed. The only description provided was a male wearing a black hoodie. RCMP made a patrol but could not locate the suspect. Police are requesting that if any members of the public see someone suspicious to please contact the RCMP.

Jan. 27, 2019

MIDDLETON – A witness called stating she was at the funeral home when she saw a male in his 30s trying to break into cars. Photos were obtained but no reports were received that cars were broken into. RCMP reminds the public to always lock their vehicle and safely secure valuable items.

This weekly report is compiled by Const. Cheryl Ponee of the Annapolis District RCMP. Crimes, or information on crimes, can be reported to the Annapolis RCMP at 825-2000 in Middleton, or 665-4481 in Bridgetown. Information on crimes can also be reported to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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