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Brush cutting between Digby and Weymouth leaves Brighton resident upset

A view of recent brush cutting on Highway 101 near Barton, between Digby and Weymouth. JAMES MALLORY
A view of recent brush cutting on Highway 101 near Barton, between Digby and Weymouth. JAMES MALLORY

Several mature trees were damaged by work

BRIGHTON, N.S. - A Brighton resident isn’t pleased with recent brush cutting along Highway 101 (also called the #1) between Digby and Weymouth.

Grete Redick said mature trees were damaged unnecessarily and plenty of brush was cut and not removed from the side of the road.

The whole area, if you drive down from Digby to Yarmouth, it was a gorgeous site going there,” said Redick. “Now if you drive there, it’s like a war zone.”

Redick said the brush cutting in front of her home isn’t concerning but along other parts of the road.

“All the gorgeous pine trees and flower bushes are totally ruined,” she said.

Redick said she’s lived in Brighton for 10 years and has seen brush cutting in the area before. However, she said work done in the past did not end in the same result as recently.

“They did cleaning before but they never went that deep down into the properties. They cut branches, they cut branches for the power line as well and usually they do a decent job. I never saw that kind of damage ever.”

Redick said besides being aesthetically unpleasing, she feels the recent brush cutting could reduce property values.

“It is kind of property value damage…They mulched the side of the pine trees at the road side…and it’s never going to go back or be the same beautiful scene as before.”

Redick said property owners could have been consulted and asked to clear trees or branches on their property to assist towards the goal of keeping the road clear and safe.

Brian Taylor is a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. He said the brush cutting was done as a safety measure.

“Crews have been doing brush cutting in the area as part of the maintenance program to improve sightlines and help reduce the chance of animal collisions,” he said through e-mail correspondence. In addition, they are also doing additional safety upgrades including the guardrails and signage, and re-shouldering this section of the highway.”

Taylor concluded that the department will review the work once it’s completed.

“Staff are aware of some complaints and will be out to review the site once these much needed safety upgrades are complete.”









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