Top NewsMusic Pros Swear By This New Analytics Powerhouse!

Music Pros Swear By This New Analytics Powerhouse!


In recent times, Viberate has emerged as a trailblazer in the music industry, making sophisticated music analytics accessible to all. Their comprehensive range, spanning streaming to social media, is available at an affordable $9.90 per month. Their Spotify analytics and, notably, their playlist analyzer are reshaping the way professionals approach music data.

Viberate’s ethos revolves around one core principle: “Fostering a more inclusive music environment by ensuring high-quality data is within reach for every industry professional.” They’ve identified the barriers indie artists and labels faced due to costly data services. In response, Viberate significantly lowered the pricing of their professional suite from $129 to just $9.90 per month.

Viberate’s music analytics system, which keeps tabs on over a million artists, translates performance across various channels into actionable insights. These insights form the backbone of informed business decisions. Beyond platforms like Spotify and TikTok, Viberate offers specialized analytics, data-rich charts, and indispensable tools for talent spotting.

Viberate explains their approach as: “We encompass every facet of the music industry, from artists to tracks and festivals to labels. By converting streaming and social data into tangible insights with our playlist analyzer, we assist you in uncovering new talent, managing your roster, orchestrating promotional campaigns, and crafting business reports with unparalleled efficiency.”

A standout feature offered by Viberate is their in-depth Spotify analytics. This tool delves into the streaming metrics of every artist on Spotify, tracking monthly listeners, followers, and streams. It offers an expansive view of an artist’s Spotify journey, presenting both historical and up-to-date data. Furthermore, Viberate’s playlist analyzer aggregates all of an artist’s tracks, enabling sorting, filtering, and listening within the same space. It also provides a geographical breakdown of listenership.

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However, the pièce de résistance in Viberate’s suite is the playlist analyzer. This tool provides a microscopic view of an artist’s performance on Spotify playlists. Every playlist inclusion is tracked, spotlighting top-performing tracks and playlists. Through the playlist analyzer, users can assess playlist reach and keep an eye on active playlists over time, offering a clear picture of the influence of specific releases.

Moreover, Viberate’s playlist analyzer is supported by a vast database of over 12 million playlists. This feature ensures artists find the best playlists suited to their genre and career phase. The customizability is unparalleled. Filters ranging from genre to curator type to song popularity ensure that every search is tailored. For instance, users can pinpoint Pop playlists curated by indie specialists, with a specific follower count and recent track inclusions, all through the playlist analyzer. also offers an artist ranking system on Spotify, customizable using various filters. Coupled with their playlist analyzer, this allows professionals to gain a holistic view of an artist’s presence and performance on the platform. The company underscores the significance of the Chart feature for talent discovery, enabling quicker and more efficient scouting.

For those vested in music analytics and particularly keen on optimizing playlist performance, Viberate’s playlist analyzer is a tool that promises unparalleled insights.

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