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Who has Yarmouth County boy’s parade costume?

Costume delivered to post office but now missing

YARMOUTH COUNTY -  Who has Matthew’s costume?

A Yarmouth County grandmother hopes someone steps up to deliver a missing parcel to her six-year-old.

Matthew Harding has been participating in the Pharmasave Seafest Children’s Parade since he was one.

“He just loves being in the parade,” said Louise Zinck. “He’s never missed the Halloween or Seafest parade.”

This year he planned on going as King Neptune.

With a little bit of help, he worked for weeks decorating his F-150 entry. He collected shells, bait bags and seaweed at a wharf, added a glass buoy, conch shell and even an anchor that he painted gold, lent by a friend.

Zinck says a King Neptune costume to complete the outfit was delivered to the Yarmouth Canada Post office on June 25. She was charged close to $70 by the costume company for the outfit, including exchange and duty. But Zinck doesn’t have the parcel.

Matthew Harding's missing King Neptune costume.
Matthew Harding's missing King Neptune costume.

“The Yarmouth post office has misplaced it. I’ve been there every day for the last two weeks. The employees were telling me that they had it in their hand and that it was there,” she said.

On Monday, July 9, Zinck says the mailboxes were opened and it wasn’t there.

“They’re assuming it went in the wrong box and someone kept it,” she said.

She says that Matthew is upset because he doesn’t have anything to wear.

The Seafest parade is this Wednesday, July 11, at 1 p.m.

She’s hoping that if the costume is found, the mistake can be corrected and it can be delivered in time to make one six-year-old a very happy boy.

Her phone number is 902-749-6822.

Matthew Harding was hoping to go as King Neptune for his entry in the Seafest Children’s Parade this Wednesday, July 11…. But his costume has been lost in the mail, possibly placed in the wrong box.

UPDATE: Matthew’s costume was returned to the Hebron Post Office at 3:30 p.m. on the day of the parade,. Unfortunately it was two and a half hours after the parade began, but his grandparents say they will save it for the next one.

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