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The Transparency Project launches in Yarmouth

‘Work in progress performance’ hopes to feature more international artists

YARMOUTH - Contemporary dancers Amber d’Entremont and Damian Norman brought the theme of water to life on May 2, in a dramatic performance at Lovitt Plaza on Main Street in Yarmouth.

The venue was simplistic: an empty child’s pool, several lamps with bare bulbs positioned strategically on the floor and unfinished white walls in a large room at the back of the building.

Afterwards, the dancers answered questions from the audience about what certain actions in their dance represented, and other interpretations.

D’Entremont promoted the event as the Transparency Project – “a work in progress performance, taking inspiration from Yarmouth's beautiful landscape and plentiful water resources.”

The School of Toronto Dance-trained artists explored the theme through movement that included fierce, dynamic dance and subtle joyful play.

Norman, who is being hosted by d’Entremont for three weeks and is from Germany, collaborated with her on the project and earlier in his stay conducted a somatic contemporary dance workshop.

He says he hopes to return.

“The landscape here is just incredible.”

D’Entremont says she would like to host more international artists to the area and to have her business - Waves of Confetti on Main Street – to act as a revolving door for them.

To learn more about the Transparency Project

Visit Waves of Confetti at 342 Main St. in Yarmouth or its Facebook Page under that name.

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