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Several Digby churches join together for Journey to Bethlehem event

A poster for the Journey To Bethlehem event being held Dec. 3 in Digby. JAMES MALLORY
A poster for the Journey To Bethlehem event being held Dec. 3 in Digby. JAMES MALLORY

Annual festive activity has attracted hundreds of participants

DIGBY, N.S. - Singing, food, Bible readings and Christmas spirit will be a plenty at the Journey to Bethlehem event in Digby on Dec. 3.

The annual activity brings the community together to celebrate the holiday season with several churches opening their doors to short visits.

“I think it’s been about 23 years,” said Jeff White, pastor at the Digby Baptist Church, about how long the activity has been in existence in Digby. “In a sense, it’s like each place is like a 15-minute little mini-concert - like four pieces of music and part of a Bible story and then everyone goes on to the next one.”

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 9:30 p.m. with visits to several churches in the town. It starts at the Wesleyan Church and then participants walk to the Baptist Church, Trinity Anglican Church, Rivers of Grace United Church and finish up at the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church.

“I think at the first stop at the Wesleyan Church, people get juice and cider,” said Pastor White. “At my church we give out chocolate and other places you get cookies when you leave and candy canes.”

White said this event has been well attended in the past. He estimates that 200 people participate.

“Once they get to my church, the place is packed. So there must be around 200 or so.”

White said the Journey To Bethlehem works well in conjunction with other community events to kick off the festive season. He added that the best part is to bring people together.

“It’s a nice cooperative thing that happens and it’s amazing that so many people come to it as well. I think it’s mostly local people but I know some people from Middleton who are from Digby and they always come up to go to it.

“It’s simple and there’s enough people participating from all the different churches that it makes a simple plan work.”

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