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Best of the biker beards at Wharf Rat Rally

DIGBY, NS – Bikes and beards were busted out full force Sep. 2 at the Wharf Rat Rally, where the best beards were judged at the Best Beard Competition.

The event was hosted by The Artful Dodger, a beard oil company based out of Halifax.

Company rep Rob Lutes announced as he and his bearded buds judged which beards measured up.

“Some of these categories are going to be tough,” he said.

Facial hair categories included best moustache, short beard, Santa impression, goatee and long beard.

Contestants stood at the pavilion’s edge showing the crowd their feathered faces and then stood in a row for the judges to evaluate their various beards.

The winners were Stephen Palmer for best moustache, Randy (last name unknown) for best short beard, Dana Wildes for best Santa impression, Tom MacDonald for best goatee and Nelson Smith for best long beard.

“I’ve been growing this my entire life,” said Smith of his long facial tresses.

Smith has a very simple reason for why he keeps his beard so long.

“I hate to shave!” he said.

While some men trim and maintain their beards, Smith lets his grow au natural.

His one piece of advice is to never comb it.

“It grows longer that way and doesn’t break off,” he said.

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