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A day after Tuesday's Illinois primary election, several races are still too close to call.

When the votes are tallied, the results will appear on NBC Chicago's live election results page on the website and app. Polling ended at 7 pm on Tuesday and the results started coming in within the first half hour. They will be updated live as votes continue to be counted.

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Voters looking for real-time election updates can download the NBC Chicago app for push notifications on called races and big moments.

In Chicago, the Chicago Board of Elections noted that mail-in ballots are still being processed.

“According to Illinois election code, there is a two-week window to count mail-in ballots that arrive late but are properly registered (by March 19) — which would bring us to April 2,” said CBOE Public Information Director Max Bever.

Beaver noted, however, that most ballots are returned on election day or night, immediately following Wednesday and Thursday.

“By the time those are processed and tallied as unofficial results, we may have a much clearer picture later this week,” Bever said.

Earlier in the day, Bever noted that Chicago's voter turnout was “shockingly low,” saying that only 20% of Chicago's registered voters turned out to vote.

Who's on the ballot in Illinois?

In the 2024 primary, Illinois voters will choose their preferred candidates in races, including the presidential race, which will be at the top of the ballot.

Outside of the presidency, voters will also select candidates for their respective congressional seats in November, with 17 members of the Illinois House of Representatives facing re-election this year.

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All 118 members of Illinois' House of Representatives are up for re-election in 2024, as are a third of the state's 59 senators.

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Some districts also have primary votes for Supreme Court justices, with elections in the First and Fourth districts. Justices in those races run to fill full 10-year terms on the court.

In addition, voters will determine candidates for the Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, and Deputy Circuit Courts.

Finally, some districts will also have district-level races to decide in 2024.

Sample ballots can be found on the website of the local election commission in your area.

Vote on your ballot

Whether you live in Chicago or the suburbs, plenty of communities wrestle with thorny questions. Here's a preview of what to expect on your ballot, depending on where you live.

Also: What is the 'Bring Chicago Home' referendum and is it still on your ballot?

Races that are too close to call

Cook County State's Attorney

A day after the Illinois primary election, the race to be the Democratic nominee for Cook County State's Attorney is too close to call.

As of 5 a.m. Wednesday, Elaine O'Neill Burke held a narrow lead over Clayton Harris. With 99% of precincts reporting, they are separated by about 9,000 votes.

Chicago Real Estate Transfer Tax

Chicago's proposed real estate transfer tax, referred to by some as the “Mansion Tax” or “Bring Chicago Home,” is at the top of the race to see the 2024 Illinois primary.

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A real estate transfer tax is a tax paid on any property sold to the city. The current rate is $3.75 for every $500. If passed, the proposal would change the ratio to a progressive or graduated structure for residential and commercial on all properties with three stories.

That rate would drop to $3 for every $500 for properties sold for less than $1 million. For sales over $1 million, the increase is $10 for every $500 in price between $1 million and $1.5 million. For properties over $1.5 million, the tax is $15 for every $500 in value over $1.5 million.

Revenue from the tax increase would be dedicated to efforts to combat homelessness.

Rep. Mike Post vs. Darren Bailey in the 12th District

In one of the high-profile Republican congressional races in Illinois, incumbent Rep. Mike Post faces former Illinois gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey in the 12th District.

Post, who was first elected to Congress in 2014, has received some high-profile endorsements from the Republican Party, including the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, who easily won the Illinois presidential primary on Tuesday night. The election marks the first time Post has faced a primary challenger since 2018, when Preston Nelson ran against him.

Bailey's campaign focused heavily on Second Amendment issues and her push against abortion access. He also emphasized greater investment in energy independence and border security.

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