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Mini invasion: British Motoring Festival celebrates tenth anniversary in Windsor


The cars of today just aren’t like they used to be.

The bright primary colours, circular headlights, hoods that open backwards, wooden dashboards - you just don’t see these things anymore. Those who were feeling nostalgic, or just curious, could see it all on display at the British Motoring Festival in Windsor. Half of the proceeds from the event will go towards the Hants County Rugby Football Club.

Open to the public on July 13, the festival garnered the attention of hundreds of car enthusiasts over the duration of the event. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the festival, and this year the featured marque was the Mini. Dozens of Minis from multiple decades were lined up side-by-side to show their evolution over the years.

Walking around throughout the festival was the Hagerty Youth Judging group. Ranging from ages six to fourteen, the judges inspected a number of antique cars, both inside and out, and had the chance to speak with the owners. The competition gave the youth the opportunity to participate in the event and engage with like-minds.

Besides the cars on display, there were model cars, parts for sale, raffles, activities for children, and food to go around. In the late afternoon, there was a banquet and awards ceremony recognizing the best of the best.

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