Gwyneth Paltrow’s lawyer blasts reporters for photographing her


March 22, 2023 | 4:03 p.m

Get that camera out of her face.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s attorney complained Wednesday that a camera was pointed directly at her during her ski accident trial, saying reporters repeatedly violated courtroom decorum.

Speaking in a Park City, Utah, court on Wednesday, Steve Owens and Paltrow, 50, were annoyed by a video camera pointed directly at the Oscar-winning actress.

Owens raised his complaint before the jury to Judge Kent Holberg, saying it was a repeat offense against rules agreed upon before the trial began.

“Your honor, we have a new camera pointed directly at my client on the right,” Owens said, pointing to a camera allegedly installed by the AP.

“It’s been a problem, for example reporters going out in front of my client’s car, yesterday. Cameras in her face.”

Owens called on the court to advise him and his client of any further changes to the cameras in the room so as not to unnecessarily show Paltrow, as the court agreed that the cameras would remain constant regardless of who was speaking.

“I don’t want reporters to make changes without telling you,” Owens told Holmberg.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lawyer accuses the press of violating courtroom decorum.
Steve Owens and Paltrow were annoyed by the cameras in the courtroom.
AP pool
Owens appears in the Third District Court in Park City.
David Buchan for the NY Post

The judge said he was looking into the issue and said he “felt it was a problem” as Owens reminded reporters that they were not allowed to block Paltrow’s path in or out of the courtroom as they had previously said.

While her defense did all the talking, Paltrow sat quietly in court, sipping green juice while wearing a button-down cream sweater, brown corduroy pants, and a hair tie.

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Dr. Terri Sanderson, 76, who is suing Paltrow for allegedly hitting her on a ski slope in Utah in February 2016, appeared to avoid the cameras as she was seen walking in and out of the courtroom on Wednesday.

Dr. Wendell Kippy testified that Sanders was so battered by the collision that he no longer enjoyed enjoying wine and spending time with loved ones.
Terry Sanderson suffered four broken ribs and a concussion in the collision.

It is not uncommon for plaintiffs to be out of court during civil cases.

While Sanderson is seeking $300,000 in damages for Paltrow’s negligence, the actress has filed a countersuit demanding that the actress pay her $1 in damages and that the optometrist pay her legal fees.

On Wednesday morning, University of California, San Diego neurologist Dr. Wendell Gibby testified that Sanders suffered a powerful blow in the confrontation and was no longer able to enjoy wine and spend time with loved ones.

Gibby added that following the accident, Sanderson’s relationships with his children, grandchildren and girlfriend were all affected by his alleged change in cognitive abilities.

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