Former UC Davis student arrested in 3 stabbings in California college town

“With a murderer off the street, our families will sleep easier tonight,” said Mayor Will Arnold. “Now the work, passionately, begins to heal as a community, reclaiming our shared spaces and moving forward together.”

Mr. Dominguez lived in a house in Davis with several roommates and had lived there for a few years, the city’s police chief, Darren Baidell, said at a news conference Thursday. He was a third-year, biological sciences student at UC Davis who was “separated for academic reasons” on April 25, the university said.

Mr. any of the three victims. Chief Baidell said it was unclear whether Dominguez knew.

The first victim was David Henry Brooks, 50, a Stanford University graduate who slept outside and had been known to locals for years, including collecting and administering definitions of mercy. He was found dead around 11:20 a.m. on April 27 in a park just east of the UC Davis campus, where he regularly spoke to residents at the city’s farmers market. Commonly known as “the compassionate boy”, Mr. Brooks was stabbed “many, many times,” Chief Bydel said at a City Council meeting this week.

Two days after that first attack, Karim Abo Najm, 20, a computer science student at UC Davis, was killed on a bike path after an argument in a nearby park at 9:14 p.m. Saturday. A witness who lives near the track said he heard a disturbance and rushed to the scene to find the student bleeding from multiple stab wounds. A young, curly-haired man was seen scrambling to escape on the victim’s bike.

The next morning, Mr. Police arrested a 30-year-old “person of interest” within five blocks of where Abu-Najm was attacked, on suspicion of illegally carrying a concealed knife. Adjacent county for public intoxication and resisting arrest. But as authorities expedited DNA analysis of evidence found at two crime scenes, a woman in a homeless encampment east of the city’s downtown reported a third attack late Monday, saying she was stabbed multiple times against the wall of her tent.

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