First hostages freed since Israel-Hamas ceasefire begins: Live updates

5:52 pm ET, November 24, 2023

A family member of the 3 freed hostages says getting back to normal will be a delicate process

From CNN staff

Eyal Mor speaks with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday.


Eyal Mor, whose family members were among the hostages freed by Hamas on Friday, said he had “mixed emotions” about the troubled return home.

The family — Ohad Munder, who turned 9 when he was captured, his mother, Keren Munder, 54, and grandmother, Ruth Munder, 78 — are doing well “physically and mentally.” But, later added: “Of course, we’ll have to see, these are all preliminary reports.”

“The psychologist says it should be very slow, very progressive. The return to normal should be very controlled, so we will follow that advice,” More told CNN.

He said he and other family members know that returning to life will be a delicate process. Ohad, Keren and Ruth should be told about other family members who died when they were captured by Hamas, he said.

From left, Ohad Munder, Keren Munder and Ruth Munder.

Hostage and Disappeared Families Forum/AP

“It puts us in a very conflicted situation because, on the one hand, people want to come and celebrate with them,” he said, referring to the people who support his family and Ohat’s story. But, “on the other hand, they learned they lost somebody. So it’s a mixed bag of emotions.”

More said he watched a “very emotional” video taken at a hospital on Friday of the moment the three were reunited with other family members.

“People were crying with joy, with excitement,” he said. “It’s actually a scenario that we’ve been imagining for the last 49 days, and suddenly it’s happening. So it’s really unbelievable.”

Mohr said he plans to meet with them on Saturday. He said his family was still hoping for the release of another family member, Ruth Munter’s 78-year-old husband, who is still being held by Hamas.

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