E. Trump trial in Jean Carroll defamation case begins: Live updates

12:14 pm ET, January 16, 2024

Some prospective jurors say they made political contributions to Trump or his opponents

From CNN's Lauren del Valle, Kara Scannell and Jeremy Herb

Several prospective jurors in Donald Trump's defamation trial say they made political contributions to Trump, groups that support him, or political opponents.

Two of the prospective jurors said they believe the 2020 election was rigged Trump continues to make false claims He is running for president again.

E. in 2019 regarding Carroll's sexual assault allegations. To determine how much Trump should pay in damages for defamatory statements made by Jean Carroll, Judge Louis Kaplan asked jurors questions about possible bias in the trial.

Three people in court said they paid money to Trump's campaign or a group supporting him. All three said this would not affect their ability to be fair and impartial. And at least 10 prospective jurors said they gave money to groups supporting President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or other Democratic politicians.

Where the arbitrator selection process is: As the jury selection process is ongoing, no decision has yet been made as to whether any of these potential jurors will be excused.

Five judges have been dismissed so far. Three said they did not believe they could be fair in the investigation, and two said their ability to be fair would be affected by what they had heard or read about legal cases, criminal investigations and indictments against Trump.

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