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Tall ships set sail from Digby to Annapolis

The second day of tall ships in Digby was smooth sailing, with people of all ages enjoying the ships before they sailed for Annapolis.

As the tides rose August 15, the ships were opened up to visitors.

An estimated 1,000 people per hour visited the ships – a total that left event organizers Saskia Geerts and Ben Cleveland in a happy state of shock.


The organizers

“That’s really quite the number,” said Geerts.

Event organizers Saskia Geerts and Ben Cleveland are both happy with how everything – most of all the weather – turned out for the tall ships event.

“I’m happy to see so many people have come out to celebrate this occasion with us.”

Cleveland is also happy with how everything has played out at the event.

“With the exception of a few minor hiccups, this has gone really well. The weather cooperated, which was really the biggest worry we had,” he said.


The ships

As with every festival event in Digby, people from the Digby and from away were among the thousands of people visiting the ships.

Many were eager to see the tall ships and walk around them since it’s been 17 years since they last sailed to Digby.

Among those on the Bluenose II were Karley Shields, six, and Aidan Guindon, 8, with grandmothers Karen Hill and Laura Neiley, visiting from Lower Sackville and Kingston.

Both generations were equally excited about the ships.

Karley Shields, six, and Aidan Guindon, 8, who came to Digby to see the tall ships with grandmothers Karen Hill and Laura Neiley.

Pointing at the mast, Karley said, “I feel like I could climb up there and touch the clouds!”

Aidan added that, “it’s really cool to see the big anchors. That’s my favourite part.”


People from far away

Visiting all the way from Norfolk, England was Grace Seaton, 13, and parents Jo and Nick Seaton.

Dale and Sharon Arnburg stand aboard the Bluenose II with friends Grace, Nick and Jo Seaton, visiting from near Norfolk, England.

The three visited Cape Breton, where they drove the Cabot Trail, and stayed with longtime friends Sharon and Dale Arnburg in Coldbrook before coming to see the tallships.

“This really is a beautiful ship,” said Jo, as she waited in line to board the Bluenose II.

And later this evening, the tall ships will do a sail past of Annapolis Royal, which will be followed with fireworks.

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