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Outdoor donated public piano installed in Digby

Trying out the public piano in Digby.
Trying out the public piano in Digby. - Amanda Doucette

DIGBY. N.S. – Do you love to play the piano but don’t have one? Problem solved.

A bright pink painted piano has been installed in the gazebo next to the Visitor Information Centre on Water Street in Digby.

Diane and Harold Theriault donated the piano to the town for all to play.

“They called us up and asked if we wanted it, I said, yeah let’s get it in town,” said Mayor Ben Cleveland.

A couple of years ago outdoor pianos were installed in various locations in the town of Yarmouth. There are also outdoor pianos in downtown Halifax and other locations in the Maritimes.

The goal of the piano in Digby is to encourage music and attract visitors to the downtown boardwalk.

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