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Fun times and fine weather at annual Digby County Exhibition

DIGBY, NS – Five-year-old Brooklyn Tufts smiled as she and Savannah, her pinto pony, loped around the ring at this year’s Digby County Exhibition.

Her parents, Brittany and Marcus Tufts, watched along with several other family members as their daughter owned the arena.

After the event, Brooklyn was sure-fire in announcing her favourite aspect of the event, saying, “I really like the loping.”

Her family laughed, and Brittany said, “We figured she’d say that.”


Fun and fair weather

Exhibition president Cody Gennette is completing his second year as president of the exhibition and says things ran as smoothly as possible.

“Despite a little rain Thursday, we pulled through to have a nice weekend,” he said.

And as someone who’s competed at the exhibition for eight years, he knows what a good one looks like.

“My family has helped run the exhibition grounds since I was a little kid,” he said.


Pull participants

Ricky, a 17’2 hand Belgian draft horse, was first up Friday in the single horse pull.

He, along with driver Colton Tufts who filled in for Ricky’s owner Justin Daniels, successfully pulled 4200 pounds.

“I’ve been coming here since I was born,” said Tufts, from Berwick.

“This is my first time in the horse pulls, though. Normally I compete with oxen.

Ryan Corkum participated in the oxen pulls with his pair, Toby and Spark, and walked them around the grounds with fellow pull participant Melissa Bailey-O’Hara, both from Greenwood.

“These two are always chatting. It’s not always a good thing,” said Corkum of the pair’s constant moo comments.

“They always have something to say.”


The horse shows

Horse show secretary Judy Trimper also had good news to report on horseshow activities.

“It really has been a great year for this, all around with good weather and a good turnout of competitors and viewers,” she said.

“It’s a full house and we always want everyone to have fun.”

Cody Gennette is completing his second year as president of the exhibition and says things have sailed as smoothly as possible.

And with exuberant competitors like young Brooklyn Tufts, who got her first pony at 9 months and has been riding independently since 2, Trimper hopes to see more young people get involved in the exhibition.

“Everyone’s growing up and it’s sad to see,” she said.


Getting involved after the show

Getting involved in competing isn’t the only aspect needing a steady supply of new volunteers.

The grounds remain beautiful due to the efforts of people like Trimper, along with Sarah Amirault, Ashley and Kyle Pulsifer, who look after the grounds.

Getting more people involved in this is just as crucial, so the grounds stay in top shape.

Trimper’s own story of how she got involved began with her bringing a horse to participate at an exhibition, and ending the day as the new secretary.

“Young people would help ensure the burden of keeping this place up and running doesn’t fall onto just one person,” she said.

The president agrees, saying, “One of the main things is having the right number of people involved.”

To get involved, contact Gennette via the Facebook group.

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