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Annapolis Royal packed for Tall Ships, concerts, and lots more

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL – Some said it was the busiest day of the year for Nova Scotia’s smallest town – and it was a Wednesday.

But the Tall Ships came up the Annapolis Basin and put on a show for hundreds who lined the waterfront, sat on the grass at Fort Anne, or packed the wharf where a welcome ceremony was held just after 5 p.m. when sharp eyes spotted the Bluenose II rounding Goat Island and making her way up the basin. She was followed by five other ships of Rendez-Vous 2017.

While the ships didn’t come as close to the wharf as some might have expected, wind and water depth was a factor and they turned just shy of the Fort Anne observers. But the ships put on a show and few were disappointed.

Nor were they disappointed in the rest of the day that included concerts at the new amphitheatre, musket fire and lots of fun activities at Fort Anne, beer and barbecue at Market Square, the Farmers and Traders Market earlier in the day, and all the regular attractions like museums, galleries, and restaurants.

A cadet Sunset ceremony at Fort Anne by cadets, and a massive fireworks display at dusk capped off a day that was perfect in almost every way.

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