Chrissy Teigen and John Legend secretly welcomed another baby via surrogate

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend secretly welcomed their fourth child into the world via surrogate. Teigen shared the exciting news with an Instagram post detailing the family’s experience.

Earlier this year, Teigen gave birth to a daughter, Esty, but they were already working with another surrogate while Chrissy was pregnant. A few months after Teigen became pregnant with Esti, the surrogate became pregnant with a boy. Wren Alexander Stephens was born on 19 June.

“After losing Jack, I didn’t think I could carry more children on my own,” she wrote in the post, referring to the couple’s traumatic 2020 miscarriage. “To be honest, I personally blocked out my thoughts at the time, but it’s a vivid memory of being surrounded by people who want to make sure I never go through that pain and loss again.”

She continued, “Early on in our surrogacy journey, I came out of a therapy session and walked downstairs and told John – I want to try one more time to carry. If it doesn’t work, we’ll be. Well. We’ve already seen the worst. I’m OK with whatever happens.” I promised I would. I remember saying I couldn’t spend the rest of my life wondering if I should have tried again.”

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Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

“I enjoyed the first three months of my pregnancy, certainly with a fear that was no different from any other expecting couple,” she said. “As we crept towards the safe zone of my own pregnancy, we were overjoyed to learn that Alexandra was pregnant with a little boy. Our little boy.”

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Teigen thanked their surrogate, Alexandra, and shared that their son was named after her. “Alexandra, we want to thank you for this incredible gift you’ve given us,” Teigen wrote alongside a carousel of photos referencing their surrogate. “We are so excited to tell the world that he is here with the name Ren Alexander Stephens.”

“Our hearts and our house are officially full,” he concluded. “For our Jack, we know both their angelic kisses came from you.”

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