At the Florida State Board of Trustees meeting ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips, Ph.D. and a statement from ACC Board of Directors Chairman Jim Ryan

Charlotte, NC ( – “Florida State’s decision to take action against the convention is in direct conflict with their long-standing obligations and is a clear violation of their legal obligations to other members of the convention. All ACC members, including Florida State, willingly and knowingly re-signed the current rights grant in 2016, which remains fully enforceable until 2036. And bound. Every university has benefited from this agreement. No other institution has ever challenged its legitimacy.

“As a league, we are proud of the successes of our student-athletes, and over the past two and a half years the ACC has won the most NCAA National Championships while achieving the highest graduation success and academic performance rates of all FBS conferences. So FSU is committed to continuing this unprecedented and over-the-top approach.” Choosing is particularly frustrating.

“We trust that the grant of rights, honored by all other universities that have signed similar agreements, will be upheld by the courts and that the conference’s legal counsel will actively enforce the agreement in the interests of current and incoming members of the ACC.”

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